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December 8, 2018 - Members of Division 4 visited the Veterans Medical Center (Coatesville, PA) and the Southeastern Veterans Center (Spring City, PA). This was our 11th year visiting these two veteran centers!

The veterans are always excited and happy to see the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. We gave each veteran a Christmas card at both facilities and spent a few minutes visiting each veteran and thanking them for their service.

We donated a record dollar amount of basic personal needs for the veterans. At both facilities the staff kept exclaiming, "You mean there is more!" The staff was overwhelmed with the generosity they received from members of Division 4; along with our corporate and private donors.

All the veterans are always happy and thankful that the "Coast Guard" did not forget them, and we are all looking forward to next year's visits!

Spring City visit Southeastern Veterans Center: J. Brozonis checking packages

Spring City Visit Flotilla 44 cargo trailer with basic needs items for the Southeastern Veterans Center in
 Spring City, PA

Spring City visit Southeastern Veterans Center: L - M. Blumenthal, G. Greeby, M. Lucas, J. Brozonis, L. Skvarla, K. Hoffrichter (Acitivites Director) and son, K. Spataccino, D. Spataccino

Coatesville visit Coatesville Medical Center: L - D. Desimone, R. McConnell, K. Spataccino, T. Foley,  D. Spataccino,  J. Brozonis, M. Lucas, L. Skvarla, J. Morrison

Coatesville visit Coatesville Medical Center: Flotilla 44 cargo trailer with basic needs items for the veterans
at the Coatesville Medical Center

A big heartfelt thanks goes to all our corporate donors and private donors:

Comfort Products (Croydon Sock Factory)
POW-MIA Forget-Me-Nots
M. Lucas and her friends, family and contacts
D. and K. Spataccino and their family, friends and contacts
Boscov's Department Store, Coventry Mall, Pottstown, PA
Since there are too many to personally acknowledge: Thank you to all the Auxiliarists of Division 4 who donated to this important project! Without your kind and generous donations, our visits would not have been such a huge success for our 11th year!

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